Pacific Poke

Pacific Poke Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato The latest poke place to open up in Vancouver. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Pacific Poke opened its doors early last month. 

Easy to read menu

The menu is easy to follow with options to build your own poke bowl or you can choose from four of their own own creations. With the build it your own option, you can choose the size you want regular or large, rice or salad base, the type of protein, sauce and toppings.

Fresh toppings to choose from  

Pacific Poke prides itself on providing clean and bold flavours with their ingredients. Everything is made fresh and nothing comes out of a can. Although the selection of toppings are limited compared to other poke establishments but they are selected with care.



Being chefs from Michelin star restaurants, they value quality and craftsmanship of food. What better way to show this then in their drinks which are all house made from scratch. The house made iced teas include include yuzu lemonade, strawberry green tea, unsweetened iced tea and newly created coconut milk infused with pandan drink.

House made iced teas $3/cup 

From left: yuzu lemonade, coconut pandan, strawberry green tea and unsweetened iced tea. My favourite is the coconut pandan. One of the founders of Pacific Poke, Chef Ryan showed me the actual pandan leaf they used to infused the flavor of the drink. The end result a satisfying drink with a creamy coconut flavor rounded out with a nice sweet clean taste of pandan. I have tried coconut juice many times at poke places but having this coconut milk drink is a first.

The Keefer $13

We ordered two of their creations this was one of them. The Keefer: ahi and albacore tun negitoro, avocado, nori, fresh wasabi peas, mixed herbs, classic seasme shoyu, lime juice. Simple and delicious. I liked the quinoa on the bottom it gave it a nice healthy lightness the poke. This poke was not as saucy as the other guys out there, or like in Hawaii where each cube of fish was covered in a mayo mixture. I liked that it wasn’t that, a clean bowl of goodness with the satisfaction from healthy ingredients that don’t way me down throughout the day.

The Main $14

My favourite as well as many other regulars that come here is The Main. It has salmon, spicy tuna, crab and shrimp jicama, cucumber, avocado nori, sesame miso sauce, lime and yuzu juice, green onion and fresh herbs. I like the variety of fish here especially the fresh salmon. The crab was lightly marinated not overpowering and still providing a clean and light poke bowl.

Tuna Panini w/ spicy mayo $9.80

I didn’t know they can do poke in a panini so this was quite unique! I had the tuna sashimi panini with spicy mayo. The bread was nice and soft on the inside and soaked up a lof of the flavours from the crab and toniko mixture. The outside of the panini was nicely toasted and still crunchy to the bite.

This place has demonstrated that poke can be delicious even without all the sauces and unhealthy ingredients. It’s nice to have a health conscious shop like this open in Chinatown!

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