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The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I’m on the hunt for more vegetarian eats in the city. After watching countless documentaries on why we should adopt a plant based diet, something inside said it’s time to go meatless, even if it’s temporary or even if it’s only a few days in a week. Luckily, I found this place while doing a google search. Newly opened, The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe is located in North Vancouver and serves up fusion japanese inspired food such as ramen with a twist. 

Love their promise!
Baked pastries and breads for sale at the counter
Lovely store side where you can purchase quick snacks and drinks
Such a cute kitchen (noodle and rice menu on the side)
Unique original lattes to choose from! 
Tumeric Ginger latte

I didn’t know latte could be extended beyond espresso shots. This was a first for me, including tumeric into my latte. There are so many great medicinal properties to consuming tumeric and this was delicious. I liked the yellow hue and hints of real tumeric left on the side of the cup. I felt healthier with each sip.

Pizza toast: vegan and gluten free

This is where the kitchen gets creative with the pizza toast. It’s served on organic natural yeast bread (not gluten free bread) but taste amazing. There’s organic marinara and three cheeses with organic kale and grape tomatoes. For $3.99, this was a steal and one can easily eat this an become full for sometime. That’s the beauty of vegetarian food, the layers of vegetables, fruits, nuts really provide good amounts of fibre and fills up the stomach with healthy ingredients.

Avocado toast 2 slices

Loved the natural yeast bread they do in house. Mashed avocado, sprinkled with black seasame, grape tomatoes, pure delight. I feel so happy eating this food, it keeps me fueled and my body thanks me for it.

Buddha Bowl 

Organic brown rice with homemade miso gravy, green salad, carrots, apples, goji, sprouts, cabbage, firm tofu. Love this so much, it’s so light yet fills me up and I don’t feel tired after eating it. It’s a sight for the eyes and the stomach.

After the iconic Foundation closed down last month, I am so happy this sprouted up, although in a different community in North Vancouver but still helping to feed meat eaters meatless meals and contribute to the cause.

I think I am slowly converting to becoming vegetarian, one meal at a time.






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